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Information Architecture – An Introduction

Did you know? Careful planning, SEO focused content strategy and an understanding of the power of information architecture can help you grow a new website with 0over 100,000 organic visitors per month in less than 1 year. If these facets are clear, then making a website’s User Experience is a cakewalk. Text placement, visuals, images, site navigation – all should work in composition to facilitate visitor’s interest and help them find information quickly and easily. Hence, the need for Information Architecture is evident with the rising need to engage a visitor and deliver him an engaging UX.

What is Website Information Architecture?

Website Information Architecture (IA) is the structure of your website. A website is based on the links. Each topic has a certain link to another topic, and these links address what the users want from a particular website. Having Information Architecture of a website in place addresses two concerns – a) it ensures content placement in tune with user expectations; b) it organises information in a consistent way.
In simpler words, we may say that Information Architecture (IA) establishes the connection with which users can easily find what they are looking out for.

An important element of website development process, Information Architecture ensures seamless web browsing by organising, structuring, and labeling content in an effective manner. The goal is to facilitate search to fulfill users’ experience, and help them complete the objective of site visit.

Why IA Matters?

Information Architecture matters a lot, as it digs deep into the psyche of a user, and helps them find the desired information. It also introduces a visitor to a website’s service offerings and sets the premise of what’s around in terms of information and what to expect.
Your IA clarifies the website’s content by setting the context and implementing it in the user interface design and interaction design.

Let’s know more about Content, Context and Users

Content, Context, and Users – the three are interdependent entities, each having a specific function to fulfill user expectations. The context here refers to the business goals, culture, technology, resources belonging to an organization.
Content features the inclusion of content objectives, data, and volume in a website. Users here refer to the audience and their curious needs. Their need for information and knowledge is the basic premise of why we need content and context for the website. Having these three elements clear before building a website holds the key to a successful web design. Not only that, it even refines the User Experience and engages the user intuitively.

At Red Berries, we put our brains into the development of a website. The main aim is to build websites that fulfill goals and enriches a user experience.

So, have you maximized your website’s potentials with Information Architecture?

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