Web Design Vs Web Development, What’s The Difference?

In a nutshell, the aesthetic portion and the usability of the website are mastered by the web design. In order to create the layout of the website and other visual elements web designers use designing programs like Adobe Photoshop

Whereas web developers convert a web design into a functioning website from it. They use programs like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP to make the website functional.

Web Design
Web designers must do the following in order to achieve an excellent user experience.
– Meet the objective of client’s website
– Set a website’s information hierarchy by building an Information Architecture (IA)
– Create wireframes and finally move to the design stage.

Following are the several design principles to be considered while a web design is being created by any digital agency in Dubai
• Balanced layout – In web design colors and design patterns are referred to either as heavy or light elements. Heavy means, large patterns, and dark colors. Light means, small patterns, and lighter color elements. Using the correct proportion of each is important to achieving a balanced website design.
• Contrast – Usage of color theory such as, contrasting vs complementary colors at the right place is important. In order to draw attention to certain sections of the website, designers look at contrasting textures, sizes, and shapes.
• Emphasis – If you wish to emphasize everything on the page, know that you will end up emphasizing nothing. Emphasis is one of the fundamental principles of design. It helps in highlighting certain important content or portion of the website layout.
• Consistency – In brand value, the website is like the signature spot where the brand’s colors, the logo has to be maintained with consistency across social platforms and other brand footprints. User experience for your website visitors can also be increased through consistent navigation.

• Unity – Unity is the relationship between the website layouts. Unity in design is important because it explains how the human brain visually organizes the design of the website.

Web Development
As mentioned earlier web development is providing functionality to the web design.

Web Development Frameworks
Developers create Web Development frameworks. These frameworks are created in order to make it easier to work and develop with various programming languages. They remove all the redundant and difficult tasks, used to create a web page.
Below are a few frameworks that Web Developers generally use:
• Node.js is a JavaScript framework for server-side
• Ruby on Rails, .NET, and Django are full-stack frameworks
• Ionic, Cordova/ PhoneGap are mobile frameworks
• Bootstrap and Foundation are user interface (UI) frameworks
• WordPress and Drupal are CMS frameworks
• Angular.js, Backbone.js, and Ember.js are Front-end frameworks

Web Development Languages
Developers have several languages to choose from to communicate within frameworks. Following are some of the web development languages:
• Java
• Ruby
• JavaScript
• Go
• CoffeeScript
• Swift
• Objective-C
• Python

Among these, the top two languages are Java Web Development and PHP are most known in Web Development and they are the most frequently used language.

There are three layers of Web Development
• Frontend Web Development
• Backend Web Development
• Full Stack Web Development

Frontend Web Development
It involves what a user views on a website. Front end web development enhances the user experience at first sight because it includes colors, text, images, buttons, etc.

Backend Web Development
Though it is the backbone of the website, the user cannot see any back end web development page. It is responsible for the functioning of the website. The backend web development ensures the functionality of what the user operates in the front end of the website in a successful manner, such as filling a form or enhancing a smooth transition of the customer’s journey from one page to the other.

Full Stack Web Development
The combined development of the frontend and the backend of a web page is called full-stack web development. It includes the development and design of the web page which includes graphics and database management.

Get the clarity between Web designing and web development to know what you should ask your digital agency in Dubai to develop for your company. Most of the companies offer both web development and web designing.



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