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Web Accessibility

‘Internet accessibility for all’ is not a visionary dream of some internet stalwarts, but a growing demand of internet users. If you think that a standard website can fulfill the expectations of all, then one needs to have a reality check.
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Ensure Accessibility Implementation for Favourable Web Experiences

The disabilities like inability to read illegible fonts on website, non-provision of needs of deaf and dumb individuals is the reason why internet is still not accessible to all. As a large organisation like a university, business, brand or government agencies, it is fundamental need to make your website accessible for all. This calls for accessibility implementation during website’s development process to build pleasant experiences for the users.

What is Web Accessibility?

Web accessibility is the methodology with which designers build websites for the convenient browsing of people with disabilities. Its relevance lies in the fact that the world is waking up to the importance of web accessibility. Individuals, irrespective of their background, or countries have the basic right to have unprecedented access to information and connectivity. The initiative calls digital agencies and website developers to work removing barriers that hamper accessing a website.

Why Red Berries supports Web Accessibility?

As an advocate of best internet practices, Red Berries always implements web accessibility during its website development assignments. The inclusion of legible fonts, video transcripts, usability of web designs and seamless content placement are a part of accessibility implementation in UAE. This exercise brings multiple advantages in the form of intuitive web experience that boosts innovation and contributes to the betterment of web design.
Our team of web designers at Red Berries invests a lot of their brains to the accomplishment of website’s accessibility. The initiative also includes browser compatibility over multiple browsers, accessibility on various mobile devices, higher search engine visibility, fast content loading, etc.

Derive the Benefits of Accessibility Implementation for your website!

Web accessibility agency in Dubai



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