SEO for Healthcare Industry In Dubai

Enhancing online presence is crucial for the healthcare industry as it bridges the gap for people seeking medical help and facilities which can provide the required treatment.

The internet era has helped various healthcare providers to reach out to patients, directly.

SEO plays an important role for enhancing online presence as patients who would like to be treated, will go on to major search engine platforms and will click on websites or link which appear on top, organically.

From selling medicines online to providing treatment at a medical facility, SEO helps to increase online visibility by showcasing services to the right people from a click of a button.

Benefits of using SEO for medical services:

Mobile Friendly:

Patients nowadays browse websites from mobile more than laptops or desktops. SEO helps a website rank higher on search engines if it has been optimized for mobile. Best industry practices are undertaken to optimize the website for mobile.

Local SEO:

Local SEO helps to attract people within the area of the medical facility to visit the website and generate online traffic through it. Features like Google My Business, Google Maps & other local listing helps to increase awareness about services within the area of its operation.

Customized Keywords:

SEO has to be customized for each area of specialty. It has to be tailored depending on medical services being offered by researching and implementing such keywords. There is no one SEO solution which can be applied for all medical specialties.

Targeted Audience:

Patients visiting the website are explicitly looking for the services being offered. SEO helps to narrow down the audience by using features like broad, phrase and exact match which helps patients looking for service on the search engine to match with keyword implemented on the website.

Lead Generation:

SEO helps the website to increase its visibility and reach a highly targeted audience which has an intention to visit the medical facility. If the patient has a smooth experience while browsing the website, that might lead to a visit at the facility leading to customer acquisition.

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