Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is the best choice for ambitious companies because it allows for both widespread exposure and specific audience targeting. A huge benefit for display advertising is the ability to rapidly leverage upper-funnel growth. Without it, your growth and expansion will be limited by each channel’s audience size, but with it on your side, you’ll be able to expand more rapidly and attract more clients.


Instead of negotiating by hand, auction-based software is used in programmatic marketing to buy and sell display ad space in real time. This strategy lets marketers pay per impression instead of a set CPM for all website impressions. Recent industry developments show that every organization, regardless of size, may engage in programmatic marketing campaigns to avail numerous benefits discussed below.

How Can Programmatic Advertising Benefit Your Business?

Return on Investment (ROI)

Results that give you a good return on your marketing money.


Get to know your customers better and get to know them better.


Engage your customers as they move through the customer lifecycle.


In a safe and secure digital advertising environment, showcase your brand.


Every advertising channel should be evaluated for its contribution to the overall advertising campaign's success. Provide your company with the information that needs to make strategic decisions.

The Programmatic Selling Approach that Drives Revenue While You Sleep

Objectives and Audit

We'll analyse your prior activity, including programmatic where appropriate, to determine how it performed and where we can grow. We'll then set KPIs for conversions, brand awareness, or other goals.

Personas Should Guide Your Programming

Programmatic ads that respond fast to client behaviour help us understand your customers. Based on your profiles, we'll construct comprehensive audience segments to customize messages to their exact requirements and habits.

Create The Customer Experience

After identifying your consumers, we find them online. We analyse their behaviour and map out their path to determine the ideal website locations for your audience and real-time consumers.

Make Interesting Ads

Create ads that captivate your audience and fit in with different advertising channels. We create compelling images and customer-focused text. Customers will see consistent ads that appropriately represent your organization and products across media.


After everything is in place, we will begin. We will configure everything to respond immediately as your consumer communicates their purpose, allowing your display campaigns to scale swiftly in response to growing demand. This interaction keeps your marketing going.

Real-Time Bidding And Dynamic Retargeting

Real-time bidding allows us to show clients the correct information based on their activity rather than site visits. By combining this strategy with multi-device touchpoints and dynamic retargeting, we can guarantee that your message will be delivered to the most relevant audience at the most ideal time and via the most appropriate medium.

Continuous Improvement

We'll continuously assess your approach and make data-informed adjustments to better suit the needs of your clients. We go through the numbers to unearth the hidden gold, then use both the positive and negative responses to implement adjustments that will get you closer to your goals.


Our reporting approach shows us how well our plan meets our initial KPIs. You will get access to weekly and monthly reports, as well as a personal account manager to resolve your queries.

Strategy Evaluation

We do in-depth assessments every three months, even if short tweaks provide quick results. We may then evaluate the campaign's success considering your broader business goals.


Targeted Local Traffic

We locate users using cutting-edge mobile technology, and when they reach a zone you define, adverts are displayed across the applications and websites of the advertising network. Visitors can be monitored and targeted for 30 days after visiting a location.

Improve Sales and Leads

Programmatic display advertising swiftly generates leads and website visitors. We offer comprehensive management services to help you build effective Programmatic Display Advertising campaigns that generate more leads and revenue for your company.

Cost-effective and Efficient

With over a decade of experience handling white label Programmatic Display Advertising, we create strategies based on our knowledge and the standards set by the industry. RedBerries' Programmatic Display Advertising professionals deliver results. No hidden costs, no long-term contracts, and no hidden fees.

Comprehensive Approach

We'll always have your back!  Our Programmatic Display Advertising team uses the latest mobile phone ad serving technology to increase local traffic to your website. Target visitors from rivals' stores, event places, and even your own.

Track The Return On Your Investment

We give our clients the data and insights they need to understand their white label Programmatic Display Advertising campaign.

You will receive a thorough report from our programmatic display advertising tracking system on your leads, conversions, display advertising expenditures, website traffic, etc.

Our programmatic display advertising management services enable you to design highly targeted campaigns that boost leads and sales.

Whether you are just beginning your search for programmatic firms or want to fine-tune your existing campaigns, we are here to help.



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