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Role of Personas in Digital Marketing and Website Development

A Persona is not just a figment of the imagination of some digital marketers, but a major clue to begin and sustain digital marketing activities.
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Persona – the First Step to Understand Customers Better

Based on the targeted user, a persona clarifies the hidden motives, dreams, aspirations and expectations of an ideal customer. The great thing about Persona Marketing is that it has the flexibility to support any campaign and understand the desired target audience’s attitudes in the best possible way. Say, for some, the persona can be a working woman, for others, the persona can be of a Chief Technology Officer.

Each variation in persona can help a marketer understand the target audience better. Naturally, they are modeled on real people and reflect their real time problems. Knowing the personas inside out facilitate the journey of brand-user alignment.

How Persona Marketing Works?

Persona Marketing holds an important spot in the digital marketing. Be it the creation of a website, an advertisement, or an emailer, Personas render clarity to the communication and make it effective in every turn. Knowing the persona’s behaviors lends an upper hand advantage to the marketers, who can reach out to these customers with the knowledge and ease the process of marketing to the masses.

Do Personas redefine the website’s UX?

UX or user experience is a journey that is designed by website design team for the users. Having clarity of Personas facilitate website development and define an engaging user journey via the use of information architecture. The thorough understanding of a user’s motives, aspirations and needs enable marketers to chart out the desirable experience.

How personas are designed?

Personas are defined and designed after researching and analyzing the below-mentioned prerequisites. Demographic defines the basics like the geographic location of Target Audience, their education, income, geography, etc. Psychographics focuses on their opinions, values, interests, aspirations and lifestyles. Transactional aspect reveals customer insights via first-and third-party sales history and post-sale service records. Behavioral aspect captures the user response through data capturing via websites, mobile devices, social media, etc.

RedBerries Web Masters – Making the Most of Personas in UAE?

Keeping in mind the immense advantages of personas in every facet of digital marketing, RedBerries Web Masters Web Design Agency in Dubai actively implements the use of Persona in generating favorable UX. Our digital designers in their pursuit of achieving highly favorable web designs blend the persona’s behaviors and goal descriptions with a context to create stories and engage the users.

Once, the clarity of personas is achieved, it becomes easy to bring productivity to digital marketing initiatives and achieve satisfying results.

At RedBerries Web Masters, it is always a norm to dig deeper into the audience’s personas before beginning any digital marketing assignment.
These ways, we try to reach the users in the most accurate way possible.

Leverage the Potentials of Personas and Succeed in securing a favorable User Experience Journey



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