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Mobile Search Advertising

Mobile is the place to be. Present in the hands of the always-on customers, this magical device is leading the way for the brand’s growth and evolution. With 60% search volume, these devices dominate digital media time against PC. Companies are waking up to this fact, and are readily investing
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Reach where maximum searches are happening!

Henceforth, it is ideal for companies to reach mobile search for content/websites and advertise for maximum ROI.

Less is More

True that in the case of mobile search advertising. Short, yet interesting nuggets of messaging placed in a seamless integration over a mobile device work wonders for brands and companies. Only an experienced digital agency can help brands hit the dot and gain maximum traction.

Responsive Mobile Websites

It is the crucial key to the ROI-based mobile search-based campaigns. If there are no responsive websites, then half of the battle is lost for mobile search success. So, before you get fascinated by the potential prospects of mobile search campaign marketing, make sure your website works well on mobile devices/tablets. This will help you serve the search traffic with a cohesive mobile web experience.

Responsive Mobile Websites

Mobile is personal. All the locations you check-in, the dining places you visit, the hangout spots you visit – all come under the scanner of GPRS settings. Mobile search advertisers should eye this opportunity to reach these local mobile users whenever they call them through a search session. Work on accurate street address, and correct contact information so that potential customers can find you.

Get Geo-Targeting

Experienced mobile search ad professionals know how to use the significant wealth of location-based data in their favor. And why not? If it brings 2X more benefits than the regular ads in terms of performance, then companies should utilize this facility to reach users nearby to their physical locations.

RedBerries Web Masters enables marketers inDubai to tap true ROI from ad spends over mobile search advertising via its high-end targeting tools and analytics.

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