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LinkedIn Ads

Yes! That’s right. Of all the other digital platforms, LinkedIn offers the maximum scope of PPC conversions. Faster click-through rates and streamlined targeting options – that’s LinkedIn PPC for you. Of recent, more and more marketers are realizing its promising potentials to promote its products and are ready to invest in it.
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Leverage Marketing at its Best with LinkedIn Ads

Because the professional networking platform simply works wonders with the ad targeting for B2B companies.

Bring in greater response to web campaigns

Since the target is streamlined as per demographical, geographical, educational, job function and a number of other categories, PPC campaigns on LinkedIn give maximum ROI on budgets. To note, CTR or Click-Through Rate on this professional platform is higher than other social ads campaigns.

Monetize LinkedIn with Targeted Reach

With the budgets and bidding, LinkedIn advertising has become one of the most sought after social ad campaign platform. The ads placed on page rail are more so used for lead generation, whereas the sponsored updates are used more for lead generation and content sharing. So, before opting for LinkedIn advertising solutions, choose wisely.

Setting-up LinkedIn Ads/PPC

This PPC platform uses a mix of display & text ads to reach the audience in the quickest way possible. But getting the right messaging matters for LinkedIn PPC. Here, comes the role of a seasoned digital marketing agency that helps you make the most of dirham investment in the form of ROI. Not only do they help in identifying ad placements like the user’s inbox or side/bottom of the homepage, but also work a great deal in making LinkedIn PPC a success.

Ads v/s Sponsored Posts

Confused about which way to go. Then come to us. If stats are to be believed, LinkedIn ads fetch 5x more impressions and engagement than sponsored updates. But that also doesn’t write-off the potent benefits of sponsored updates. We at RedBerries Web Masters in Dubai have a perfect solution to help you maximize monetization through our strategic creative solutions. Our strategy is to leverage maximum reach and effectiveness through promoted campaigns.

Boost your Campaign’s Effective Reach through LinkedIn PPC

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