Geofencing Advertising

Are you planning to grow your company in the area where your target clients are located? Using geofencing in your marketing strategy will allow you to achieve exactly that.


In the last ten years, digital marketing and online shopping have exploded throughout the globe, and geofencing marketing has emerged as a powerful tool for reaching customers online. Yet, it is important to understand the fundamentals of geofencing marketing before putting it to use for business growth.

In recent times, almost everyone owns a smartphone or smart gadget. Hence, geofencing marketing is a location-based strategy for reaching out to consumers based on the precise locations of their mobile devices.

With geofencing marketing, you may monitor the whereabouts of prospective buyers and draw them to your store. Consumers may use their cell phones to gain access to your services depending on their current locations with a single tap.

How Can RedBerries Help You With Geofencing Advertising?

RedBerries utilizes the right tricks and techniques to put geofencing into effective use. Just knowing the basics isn’t enough. Therefore, we have a team of specialists who know how to put geofencing theories into practice.

At RedBerries, we use a three-step process to attract the ideal customers.

Setting Up Your Real-time Business Location

We will start by centring the geofence around a real-world region that contains your company's physical location. Using geofencing marketing, you can monitor a local customer base by pinpointing their exact location.

If you want your marketing efforts to be successful, you should avoid creating a large geographic region, since this will make keeping track of and focusing on specific clients more difficult. We will keep the geofence radius short to maximize the effectiveness of this web-based advertising strategy.

Sending Personalized Notifications to Your Targeted Customers

The next step is to schedule ads based on demographic information gleaned from the users' virtual locations. Geofencing marketing allows you to target multiple clients with tailored notifications and location-based advertisements.

If a consumer is in the area and looking for a quick bite to eat, a fast-food chain that employs geofencing marketing strategies might pique the customer's interest.

Once you send out alerts and advertisements to local clients, they will start to learn about your business and the services you offer. Sending alerts or geofencing advertising to clients' mobile devices when they are in range of your business may be an effective way to entice them to use your products or services. That's why sending personalized notifications is great way to get the word out to potential clients in your area.

Get Info on The Whereabouts Of Potential Buyers

To be successful with geofencing advertising, you must routinely revise the areas in which your target clients are located. By monitoring a customer's precise position, you may determine if they are currently near your store.

Hence, you can track potential consumers' whereabouts and constantly refine that data to better target them with adverts, notifications, and newsletters.

With the customer's location data, you may determine who among your clientele has come within the geofence's range of your store. A firm can more efficiently serve its clientele by using this method to narrowly target those clients and track their movements.

What Kind of Tools Does Geofencing Advertising Use?

Only a few short decades ago, it was unthinkable for marketers and store owners to be able to pinpoint the exact location of their ideal clients through targeted advertising. Yet the exponential growth of technology throughout time has made that possibility more realistic.

One of the most common forms of location-based advertising is called geofencing, and it uses a variety of technologies such global positioning systems, wireless local area networks, Bluetooth, and radio frequency identification (RFID).

With the tools, it is possible to pinpoint a customer's location within a radius of one thousand feet. As a result, geofence marketing makes use of cutting-edge location-based technology to target mobile users who are physically adjacent to your place of business with advertisements.

RedBerries 24/7 Assistance

When it comes to geofencing advertising, RedBerries has designed a team of experts to resolve any such queries related to this segment. Not only we will guide and assist you regarding how to utilize geofencing advertising to your benefit, but we will ensure you don’t waste your precious time experimenting with it.

As discussed above, the benefits are plenty, but hiring the right team will help you reap promising results. We are available to make geofencing advertising easier and fun for you, with rewarding performance of the advertising campaigns.

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