Do You Know How Digital Marketing Companies in Dubai have been affected by COVID-19?

You can overcome the difficulty with the emerging need of being creative and by maintaining communication consistency with your clients.

Of course, COVID 19 has affected the digital marketing companies in Dubai, but in a breakthrough manner. During the pandemic, you can’t communicate with people in person hence it has been harder to build and create new business.

digital marketing companies in dubai

Hence digital marketing companies in Dubai are forced to think out of the box and provide a unique selling proposition for either their product or service-oriented clients.

Introduction of new customer segments

COVID-19 has changed not just the lifestyle of our but the basic strategies through which a business reaches its audience. The digital audience no more falls in the segmentation of 20- 35 years old. There has been a paradigm shift in the lifestyle where everyone is forced to be indoors which has led consumers younger than 20 and older than 35, also spending more time online. Thus even those who did not prefer online purchases earlier have now begun online shopping.  Thus digital marketing campaigns are to be fine-tuned to meet the right audience it cannot be in general considering just one segment of the age group.

Programmatic advertising

Instead of going through human negotiations and pre-set prices one can use Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to buy advertising in real-time, this is called programmatic advertising. Internet marketing agencies in Dubai use programmatic advertising in display ads, social media, and search media optimization.

Shift of budgets

It is not surprising considering that digital media is consumed at a higher rate due to the online lifestyle introduced by COVID-19 there is a shift of budget to online platforms from the offline media. Having this opportunity, it would be wise to spend the budgets ensuring high Return On Investment. For which the right digital marketing agency Dubai would provide you the guidance on how to utilize digital marketing even in pandemic situations. When budget spends are cut too much when unnecessary it would negatively impact the brand when the pandemic comes to an end.

Target time differs

Internet marketing agencies should not take the consumer’s online hours for granted as fixed as before. Online shopping would shift to mid-day when in a normal scenario such instances would be rare, So Digital agencies have to come up with new strategies.

Opportunities close to money-back offers

Compared to days before COVID-19 the prices of CPM and CPC are decreasing due to less competition because many companies are affected and have cut down the marketing budget. Now is the time to invest to take the movers advantage and increase the Digital footprint in Dubai.

Branding and uncertainty of the future

It’s a known fact that branding works best long term. Ironically everything has a cost associated and long-term planning becomes tough when the future of the stakeholders of the company such as consumers and internal departments go through uncertainty. Yet branding cannot be compromised as the competitors are waiting to occupy the consumer’s mind space. An ideal way is to spread the digital presence in an optimized manner.

Digital Marketing is no quick-fix

If there is a stop in digital marketing spend, you would see a downfall after a quarter. There has been a loss of jobs of consumers, behavior shifts, change of consumer mindset, all these have changed the market scenario. Thus Digital marketing agencies are forced to follow a new approach in marketing than the usual ones. Following are few thoughts to not be missed:

  • Develop short term strategy and test market conditions to alter the long term plan
  • Evaluate the source of website traffic
  • Observe the user behaviors in your website
  • Focus more on PPC – Pay Per Click campaigns
  • Conduct virtual launches of products and services

Do not forget the consumers while the sales are down. It’s mandatory to maintain the hygiene factory f digital marketing such as SEO, SMO, social media marketing and to engage consumers through emails and phone calls. These may not have been the priority before COVID-19 but not it is.

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