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Bing & Yahoo PPC

Two-thirds of search engine marketing is grabbed by Google. So, what about the remaining one-third share? Should it be ignored! Or attempts must be made to grab that share as well.
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Reach where others are not reaching through Bing Yahoo PPC

If you resonate with the latter, the Bing Yahoo PPC is meant for you. A great answer to Google Adwords, these search engine platforms monetize the ways with which you can increase your product / service’s reach over every search.

Why they say Yahoo-Bing Network?

While you may think Yahoo-Bing platforms as separate entities and wonder why there’s a need to consolidate the network. The main reason is to club the benefits of both the platforms to equal the high level of traffic generated by Google Adwords. So, we may say, two for the power of one, that’s what Yahoo-Bing Network stands for.

Why Yahoo-Bing Paid Search?

Because exclusivity is the key and those who take this exclusive route earn great returns. Truly apt in the case of Yahoo-Bing search engine marketing where millions of unique searches per vertical are happening every day. On an average, these unique visitors belong to 60% of the market. Isn’t that amazing yet strange? Strange in the sense because Internet marketing being on the cusp of transformation still hasn’t fully utilized the monetization prospects effectively. Nevertheless, still there’s a chance with which marketers can leverage an added advantage to their business via this network and gain the market share in UAE.

Assured Advantages of Digital Advertising

Digital marketing is synonymous to ROI. Marketers look out for every dirham spent, continue or pause ads based on their conversions. Needless to say, this ROI is driving marketers step out of comfort zone, spend more and gain better returns. Least hesitant than ever, they know where the maximum money lies and try to invest there to gain maximum traction. For such big spends, Yahoo-Bing network advertising can be a viable solution to gain increased conversion rates as compared to Google alone.

Yahoo PPC advertising agency in Dubai

Say Yahoo to Bing Ads

Add excitement to your paid search marketing budgets with this consolidated search -ad network. And complete the search engine marketing Dubai efforts via augmented conversions. So, more money means more returns on search engine marketing and genuine visitor base too. You simply can’t miss the potent benefits of Yahoo-Bing guild.

Add more to existing search engine marketing via Yahoo-Bing!

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