Advertising On Amazon: Your Go To Guide

What started as an online bookstore in 1996 from a garage, Amazon has now become the biggest online retailer in the entire world.

Over the years, it has diversified and increased its service offerings such as providing cloud computing platform through Amazon Web Services, on demand streaming of TV Shows & Movies through Amazon Prime and much more. Amazon is also disrupting brick and mortar stores by opening partly automated convenience stores which do not have cashier at a checkout counter.

From small scale retailers and manufacturers to large MNC’s, everyone opts to sell their products through Amazon as it helps to cut the cost of the middle man and the product reaches directly to the consumer.

But selling the products is not enough. That’s why Amazon provides advertising services to ensure that retailers selling through their platform not only sell to consumers but also increase their revenue through repeat purchases.

Amazon provides following ways to promote a product and brand on its website:

Sponsored Products:

Sponsored products appear on the page with the organic postings when a customer searches for a product using the keywords relevant to the product they are looking for.

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Sponsored Brands:

Sponsored Brand ads feature the brand logo of the company along with three of its products which are shown on the page when a user is looking for relevant products the brand is selling through targeting related search keywords.

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Amazon gives an option to brands to build their own page on its platform via Stores. Brands can display all their products on the page and categorize them as well. It comes with pre-designed templates and easy drag and drop feature for various page builder elements.

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Display Ads:

Display Ads on Amazon displays still images of a product and brand which appears on various Amazon-owned websites, devices, and network such as Amazon devices and websites like IMDb (owned by Amazon).

Video Ads:

Video ads by Amazon helps you to tell your brand story or display product demo on its websites, devices, and networks. Ads can be redirected to a product page on Amazon, brand’s website or any other link available on the public domain.

Custom Ads:

Custom ads are tailor-made advertising options provided by Amazon for their latest initiatives. Through live events and other digital placements, custom ads help to create an engaging way to connect with customers.

Amazon DSP:

Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP) allows access to exclusive Amazon audience though it’s portal. It helps you to reach to audiences on Amazon-owned websites and apps as well as leading publishers’ site via direct inventory access.

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